Sponsored Article Guideline

Thank you for your interest in Technical Tips. It is our priority to introduce top notch products to our readers and we are happy to introduce your product /service.

We would like to have the product article from product owner itself. Once we have your article, we are happy to review the article article and publish on our site. Please see our standard guideline for article submission.

Standard Article Guideline:-

  1. Article should match to our blog niche and contain 400-700 words.
  2. Please attach one featured image in 800X445 PX size (JPG) with article.
  3. It is better to have at least one content related image / screenshot (maximum 3), with 600PX width and proportional height (we prefer 4:3 image ratio).
  4. At any reason, we will not allow any form of porn, gambling, abusing language or discouraging content about your competitor products.
  5. The article should be unique and not published before in any media. Once we approve and publish the article, we have the full right on the content and the author or provider are not authorized to copy / reproduce the article in any other media (to comply with DMCA)
  6. The article should follow SEO guidelines and standard to qualify to publish. We have the right to reject or modify the article if required to match with our niche.
  7. The published article quote “Sponsored Article” either or top / bottom of the post to comply with FTC Regulations. The article will be categorized with ‘Sponsored’ with one nofollow backlink.
  8. The article will be live at least one year in our site.
  9. Once we published the article, we can not remove article on your request.
  10. We limited to publish maximum two sponsored articles per month.

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